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~Excellence through Commitment, Commitment through Passion~

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With the passing of coach rod hartley, you are hard fought to find a team more dedicated to perfecting their craft in the memory of such an outstanding man. The men below allow the club to continue to build on the legacy left by the rams of the past.

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Ram Rugby Coaching Staff:

Pictured: Mose Timoteo (Left) and Sean O’Leary (Right)

With 32 USA 15s National team appearances and 28 international 7s tournament appearances for the USA, Coach Mose Timeoteo is deeply ingrained in the player’s portion of USA Rugby. Recently he has transitioned into coaching, spending years with Golden Gate Rugby Club in San Francisco and the Glendale Raptors Men’s and Women’s team. Ram Rugby has been lucky enough to bring him to the forefront of the program as Head Coach and backs specialist.

Coach Sean O’ Leary is heavily rooted in the Eagles Impact Rugby Academy (EIRA) and has recently been a consultant coach for Regis Jesuit High School. He is no stranger to collegiate rugby as prior to his work with Regis, O’Leary
was the Head Coach and Director of Rugby at the University of Notre Dame from 2007-2015. O’Leary has joined Ram Rugby as a forwards specialist.

Learning his rugby in the heartland of America, Dr. Matt Ulom attended Palmer College of Chiropractic. This is where he learnt how to play rugby for one of the Midwest's powerhouse teams, and learnt the trade that he practices every day. He was a walk-on at Palmer College, which led to him quickly becoming a starting player, and scholarship earner.

Dr. Ullom joined the CSU team in 2012. Since then he has been correcting scrums while correcting necks and straightening backs for everyone involved with the club.



p: (563) 599-8985


Alumni Board Director: Greg Osberg

Mr. Greg Osberg played for CSU in the 70s. After graduating he eventually moved away from Colorado to pursue his professional career in business. Despite the miles between himself and the team, he still manages to run the Alumni Board and connect the current team with the hundreds of Ram Rugby Alumni throughout the world-- a testament to his savvy and astute skills as a director with the club.


p: (917) 913-6019

Player Leadership Group

President: Matthew Peppercorn
Matt is responsible for making the club run as smoothly as it does, taking the head control over all admin related tasks, similarly he is also responsible for punishing opposing back-line players with crunching hits.

Vice President: Scott Nies
Scott is responsible for all recruit related information, travel and safety, and making sure the backline looks as good as the scoreline does.